Leni Tarleton Fine Art



​   Primarily an equine artist, Leni Tarleton Dziedzic has a lot of horses to paint before it is all over and done with.  Both parents having been teachers, much encouragement was given to creativity from early on.  At the age of five, having been presented with a chalkboard, easel and an adult book on drawing horses, Leni has been drawing and painting them ever since.    Fascinated by many different types and styles of art, Leni is only now beginning to find her artistic “voice”.  Her favorite artists are as varied as they are spectacular.  From DaVinci to modern day Patti Mollica, Leni’s artistic tastes run from classical to illustrative to Ashcan.  Mostly self-taught other than a few wonderful art courses at St. Mary’s College,  Leni continues to learn as much as she can about art.  She predominantly paints but also enjoys pencil, charcoal and pastel work as well.  Although most recently branching out to paint other subjects, Leni’s primary artistic goal is to capture, portray and celebrate through art the many facets of one of the most noble of all creatures, the horse.
​   A 2008 Ebay Artist’s Choice Award winner for abstract work, Leni has sold over four hundred paintings in the last decade and has works in collections around the world.  Mother to two grown sons, Leni lives in Hollywood, Maryland with her husband, Don and four dogs, Buster, Pudgy, Charlie and Cookie.